Our Video Testimonials

Our Testimonials

“Dear WSC,  A note of thanks is in order for the new handicap addition you recently completed. The job was accepted by your company after we tried to get estimates multiple times but it seemed no one had the time for a VA job.  We were so grateful you took us on and were open to all our ideas and needs. The workman were always respectful and considerate while working. The materials used were all top quality. Thanks for giving Bill a much-deserved shower. He loves it!”  ~  Sincerely, Cheryl Stallings

“I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done on our new first floor bedroom and bath addition. The wider doorways, ADA shower and vanity as well as direct access to my driveway will make life much easier on myself and those who care for me. I would recommend WSC Construction and Restoration to anyone looking for a contractor especially if they are a veteran who is working through the VA, SAH grant process. Their knowledge of working with the VA was invaluable in getting our new addition built”.  ~ Navy Veteran Carl

“I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the addition you added to our home. Being able to move Jim from the second floor to first floor living accommodations has been a blessing. After Struggling for almost two years trying to find a contractor who could work with the VA you were the ones who got the job done. I will make sure to get your name out to other Veterans who have qualified for the SAH Grant”.  ~ Connie

“How wonderful it was find your company WSC Construction and Restoration after almost a year of trying to get a contractor who was willing to work with the VA SAH grant that Sam had qualified for.  You and your team did a wonderful job on our bathroom addition for Sam. Having the ability to care for him has become so much easier. I especially like the roll in shower which gives me the space I need to bath him”.  ~ Jill

After almost four years of trying to find a contractor I had almost given up on using the VA SAH grant I had qualified for. Thank you for standing by my side in getting my grant approved. I love my new bathroom addition it is going to allow me to stay in my house for years to come”. ~ Dave

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